Tennessee Cop Shoots Teenage Girl Four Times

The case that prompted me to begin this site comes out of Kentucky and centers around the shooting of a 19-year-old female. Samantha Ramsay, widely believed to be under the influence of alcohol, was shot four times—including twice in the head—as she tried to flee with three passengers in her car.

The incident occurred April 26, 2014, and a dash cam video (no sound) is available for viewing. The name of the deputy who shot Samantha is Tyler Brockman. He was kicked out of Marine Corps OCS (Officer Candidate School) TWICE due to injury and hospitalization.

While I found several glaring concerns surrounding the implementation of deadly force here, two specific egregious acts particularly caught my attention. The first occurs at around the video’s 3:00 mark—immediately after the officer discharged his weapon.

Putting the use of deadly force aside for a second, I was absolutely appalled at the way this deputy handles his pistol while surrounded by civilians (teenagers, to boot). In fact, it’s probably the worst example of weapon awareness I’ve ever seen. His finger is on the trigger—not straight as ALL protocol directs—and the barrel is waving in every direction despite the threat having obviously been neutralized. The pistol is held with one hand most of the time, and he points it several times at the heads of nearby teenagers who are doing nothing but crying and following his orders.

My second flagged violation of protocol comes in the way Brockman’s decision to use deadly force was carried out. Not only was Samantha shot, but she was shot four separate times in a matter of just a few seconds. Two of the bullets entered her head. Those advocating for the officer’s safety fail to realize that killing a driver fleeing with other passengers puts those passengers at grave risk of danger. Further, the officer should have shot the tires, used a taser or chased and pitted the vehicle.

Additionally, witnesses said Brockman “jumped” onto the car’s hood and issued no verbal commands that he would shoot.


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