Anonymous Threatens Green Bay PD with Digital Hack: Video

Green Bay: YouTube has deleted a video believed to have been posted by the notorious computer hacking group, Anonymous. The video, according to multiple online reports, contained threats against the Green Bay Police Department: threats which have historically included publicizing internal documents, posting audio and video recordings online, publishing home addresses of officers and illegally hacking department mainframes.

Anonymous issued the threats after a video surfaced last week of a Green Bay police officer repeatedly punching a young male during an arrest outside a college party. Another officer tried to block a witness from recording the event, and proximity to the detained suspects was restricted from friends and reporters on the scene. A video of the incident sparking Anonymous’ now deleted threat is attached to this post. Searching “Video: Anonymous, Green Bay” may or may not result in a successful retrieval of Anonymous’ deleted YouTube post.

Anonymous has a history of computer sabotage against police departments involved in documented brutality cases. Just last month they were linked to a hack of the Albuquerque Police Department’s internal servers after multiple cases of recorded violence during arrests—including several officer involved shootings.

Anonymous does not endorse physical violence. Instead, the informal network of what most would call hackers use cyber warfare to retaliate for acts it views as unjust. Most of their activity is illegal and punishable with prison in many countries. Informal rumors that corporate bounties have been issued for the arrest of Anonymous’ top leaders, most of the group’s leadership has successfully evaded arrest.


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