Nassau Police Sued for Brutality Against Black Motorist

Undercover officers pulled 20-year-old Kyle Howell last month for a cracked windshield. What ensued was a horrific case of clear police brutality.

Thankfully Howell recorded the traffic stop on his cellphone because an unprovoked knee to his face resulted in a broken nose, ruptured blood vessels and unknown long-term facial scarring. He’s scheduled to have surgery this week, the first of what could be a series of operations to reconstruct his face and orbital bones.

Howell’s lawyer conducted a news conference yesterday and announced plans to file suit against the department and individual officer(s) involved. The story was lightly reported on in the New York area but has gone virtually unnoticed by the national media.

Video from a surveillance camera has also been obtained by Howell’s lawyers and posted here.

Shockingly, Nassau County officials declined to comment on the case, but the Long Island Press is reporting the Nassau County District Attorney is investigating the case.

“One of these officers that were a part of the attack threatened that he was physically going to force me to stop using my cell phone to record [them] anytime I was pulled over,” Howell said. “It’s the only protection that I have against them.”

Names of the officers involved in the April 25 incident have not been released, but we will publish them here as soon as possible.



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