You’re Fired: Hearne, TX, Cop Who Killed 93-Year-Old Woman Terminated by City Council Amid Mass Protests

imagesYou have a voice!

Outrage from across the country and expressed via social media has resulted in the termination of a Texas cop who shot a 93-year-old woman multiple times last week. Police involved in alleged police brutality cases are typically put on leave and taken off duty until completion of an internal investigation. Very rarely are they terminated so quickly, but this case was so egregious and the conduct so unbecoming that city officials simply couldn’t wait.

Steven Stem, now a former Hearne, TX, police officer, shot Pearlie Goldman inside her home after being dispatched to the residence on a disturbance involving a weapon report. It was Stem’s second fatal shooting since joining the small department. Stem TWICE tried to join the Marines, but he was kicked out of Officer Candidate School BOTH times due to injury (military jargon for “he just couldn’t hack the hustle.”) Not fit for military duty but cleared for patrol, Stem didn’t waste any time in shooting Tederalle Satchell shortly after joining the Hearne PD in 2012. He was cleared of wrongdoing in that case, but Satchell’s family was emphatic that Stem was a danger to the public and had a history of exercising poor  judgement on the job.

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Last week’s incident ignited a firestorm of criticism on social media, and groups from throughout the world bombarded the normally sleepy town of Hearne, TX, with call for action and sentiments of disgust. As previously stated, it’s extremely rare for an officer to be fired so swiftly, but it’s even more rare for a city council to call an emergency weekend meeting to discuss the matter—which is exactly what Hearne city officials did at the request of Mayor Ruben Gomez. Now that’s leadership.

Pearlie Goldman was a fixture in Hearne and had lived there most of her life. She had many friends and was an involved, respected member of the community. Last week’s need for police at her home arose after Goldman’s nephew pulled her driver’s license. She became agitated and armed herself—typical for a Texan and far from illegal. She was shot because she was holding a gun inside her home, which Stem entered armed and ready to shoot. He discharged at least three rounds into Goldman’s body. Stem did not deploy a taser, contact family members, request negotiators or update dispatch on the situation.

Congratulations to the leaders and citizens of Hearne, TX, for standing up against an injustice and doing everything possible to quickly right an obvious wrong. I hope the rest of America took notice.


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